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Flying leaf packaging products
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Jiangyin Feiye Packaging is located at No. 8-1 Lishan, Qianshi Road, Qutu Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, on the southern bank of the Yangtze River. The geographical location is very convenient. The port side is 10 kilometers away from Jiangyin Port and Changzhou Port; the highway side is 3 kilometers away from Changzhou North Exit of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway; the railway side is 5 kilometers away from Changzhou North Station; Changzhou Airport and Sunan Shuofang Airport are within 30 kilometers radius. Jiangyin Feiye Packaging is located in the geometric center of Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou, 150 kilometers away from Shanghai and Nanjing. The transportation is very convenient.

Jiangyin Feiye Packaging's main products: tons of bags , container bags , anti-static bags. Products can be divided into chemical, food, pharmaceutical, dust-proof, conductive, leak-proof inner ribs, container-lined bags, etc. according to their uses and functions. They are widely used in the food and chemical industries. >> More details

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Industry Question Answers
How to prevent tons of bags from generating static electricity
During the storage process, the manufacturer of ton bags must adopt appropriate measures to make the static electricity that has occurred disappear quickly. We can set up a grounding wire in the warehouse, often spray water to moisturize the necessary humidity, or place a guide under the goods.
Introduction of five methods for checking the performance of container bags
1. Top lifting experiment: hold pressure for 6 minutes with 6 times load. 2. Straight impact drop test: 0.8m free fall. 3, dumping test: 0.8m height drag the landing gear, lift one end of the movable plate,
Precautions when using round FIBC
When stored, the external environment, temperature, light, etc. have a great impact on its service life. Especially when it is placed outdoors, the sun's exposure will accelerate its aging, the erosion of rain will cause corrosion, the bite of reptiles, etc.
Matters needing attention in handling of ton bags
Do not stand under container bags during lifting operations. Please hang the hook on the center of the sling or rope. Do not sling diagonally, single side or diagonally pull the container bag. Do not rub, hang or hit the container bag with other items during operation. Do not pull the sling in the opposite direction
Ton bag packaging machine should seize the opportunity to expand development
With the improvement of the manufacturing level of the ton bag packaging machine, for the user, not only the work efficiency is improved, but also the entire packaging process has been optimized. The operation of the equipment is more convenient and simple, the accuracy of the packaging work is more accurate, and the packaging quality has been rising. can
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